Time, The Valuator release new song ‘Ivy’

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TIME, THE VALUATOR have released a brand new song!

The new song, titled Ivy, is the brand new single from the German modern metal band and follows on from their last single, Black Water, which was released back in June.

Speaking about the new song, the band says, Ivy is about compulsive acts, relating to the name giving plant in it’s nature: They grow fast and withdraw energy from contiguous surroundings. Compulsive acts are enrooted deeply and entwine major parts of our most inner mental scaffolding, without us taking notice about it in the first place. At some point it might be too late to escape its tight grasps, until we are fully controlled by them. Yet, Ivy is not about giving up control. More so, It’s about self-awareness, recognition, resistance and the power of will to ensure one’s sanity.”

Listen to Ivy here: 

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