Nile’s Karl Sanders announces new solo album ‘Saurian Apocalypse’

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NILE‘s KARL SANDERS has announced a new solo album!

Titled Saurian Apocalypse, the upcoming album from the NILE guitarist is the long-awaited follow-up to his last solo record, 2009’s Saurian Exorcisms, and is scheduled to be released in July this year, via Napalm Records.

Speaking about the upcoming solo album, KARL SANDERS says, “I have been driven for years by the knowledge of an inevitable doom, of an unyielding calling to realize what seems to me a preordained fate of making a third Saurian album. It’s a record that fans have been asking about for over a decade. It’s not a record born of casual intent, it’s a record that has quietly burned within me for many years awaiting its appointed hour. I have bided my time with near inhuman patience, yet that day is now imminently upon us. This new release, Saurian Apocalypse, is a deeply personal record of quiet and exotic, hypnotic dark music spawned from somewhere deep within the Reptilian part of my brain and soul. In some way, sharing this music with fans is much like sharing the lurking, haunting visions in my skull, of quiet blasphemies and an inexorable dread of the looming demise of our species. I am beyond happy that listeners and fans will finally be able to enjoy this music as much as I and my colleagues have while making it. It is my earnest hope that the music of this Saurian Apocalypse record will bring others as much inner peace as it has me. Fuck Yes.”

Alongside the announcement of the new solo album, KARL SANDERS has released a new music video for the first song lifted from the upcoming solo album; The Sun Has Set On The Age Of Man. Speaking about the new song, he says, The Sun Has Set On The Age Of Man is a great choice for people’s first exposure to this album. It’s the opening track of the new Saurian record, very cinematic and an eerie mood setter. Much like the score of an opening scene of a Sci-Fi movie, the song serves as an introduction for the many twisted journeys of the album that follows. It uncannily evokes that feeling we all get right after the sun has gone down and night is upon us, conjuring an awareness of the ancient, evolutionary dread of the unknown dark and its terrors that have been imprinted on the human psyche since early prehistoric man first realized that there were things in the night that would prey upon him.

The track is also very special to me as it features two dear longtime friends of mine, original NILE drummer Pete Hammoura on percussion, and legendary guitar shredder Rusty Cooley on guest acoustic solos. Although Rusty certainly is a prolific electric guitar shredder, this track marks his debut on acoustic guitar. Thank you, Pete and Rusty!”

Watch the official music video for The Sun Has Set On The Age Of Man here: 

Also, you can view both the track list and artwork for the upcoming new solo album below:

Track List: 

1. The Sun Has Set on the Age of Man
2. The Disembodied Yet Slither Among Us
3. The Evil Inherent in us All
4. Skull Fuck Ritual (Skull Breach Edition)
5. Nada Zaag
6. An Altered Saurian Theta State
7. Nihil Emplexus
8. Divergence: The Long Awaited Third Primordial Ascension
9. Mask of Immutable Self Delusion
10. No Creature More Deserving of Cataclysmic Annihilation

Saurian Apocalypse - Karl Sanders

Saurian Apocalypse is set for release on July 22nd via Napalm Records. Pre-orders are available now and can be purchased here.

For more information on KARL SANDERS like his official page on Facebook.

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