Kanye West Exits Jay-Z’s Tidal, Claims He’s Owed $3M [REPORT]

TIDAL LAUNCHKanye West has reportedly pulled out of Tidal in a dispute that could go legal. The mercurial rapper claims that Jay-Z’s music streamer owes him more than $3 million for video production, as well as an unpaid bonus. Tidal could sue if West works with another music streamer.

Tidal logo

Kanye West has angrily exited Tidal, sources close to the music streamer tell TMZ, claiming that Jat-Z and company owe him more than $3 million. West was one of Tidal’s founding artist-partners and has repeatedly granted the streamer exclusive access to his releases.

West is said to have two major issues with Tidal.  First, giving Tidal the exclusive release of his “Life of Pablo” album added 1.5 million new subscribers for the streamer, and West says that has not received a promised bonus. West also claims that Tidal  has not reimbursed him for music videos, as promised. Tidal’s position is reportedly that Kanye didn’t deliver the videos. Kanye’s retort: I’ll deliver the videos when you pay me all that I’m owed.

Que The Lawyers

Tidal, who have not yet commented publicly, has reportedly told the rapper that they will sue if West goes to any other streamer with his music. West, of course, has lawyers of his own. Stay tuned…


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