James Norbert Ivanyi: Announces Skype lessons and upcoming EP

Over the next two weeks, I will be unapologetically spreading the word about my new EP release. Why? Because I always have, and because none of my achievements ever came about from standing by and being passive. Us independent artists must use all means necessary to get the word out, and shouldn’t be afraid to get 110% behind something we worked hard on and are proud of. Too often I hear from my students and other great musicians who seek advise on self marketing their own music because the feel too shy, or apprehensive to put themselves on the line, to which I say fuck that, if you don’t actively and publicly believe in your product, how can you expect anyone else to? People will either get onboard and support, or not.

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I’ve just finished up an absolutely fantastic week of lessons, and I couldn’t be prouder of all my students who practiced really hard, and demonstrated it with confidence. You guys rule!

That said, I’m getting a lot of lesson enquiries from all social media avenues at the moment, which is a little overwhelming and hard to keep a track of, so from time to time I will try to share a preview of openings a fortnight in advance that are currently available to book! If you would like to book, please send me an email direct to jamesnorbertivanyi@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you with all details asap.

Popular topics I’ve been covering with my students lately have been constructive practice, improvisation, technique, songwriting, recording, time (and self) management and a wide range of genres from rock, metal, rock, fusion, acoustic, blues and more. The biggest of all though, would be helping guys and girls to get out of that ‘stuck in a rut’ feeling that is all to common after many years of playing and reinforcement of bad habits. I firmly believe with the right guidance, and a proven constructive method, it’s entirely possible to reignite the passion for the instrument, and tailor an individualised plan to reach any goal. Hell yes!

If any of the above sounds like something you would like to improve on this year, get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

(All available times are for 1 hour Skype lessons only and AEST)

Start > May 22nd.

Monday: 1pm, 2pm, 4pm. (evening booked)
Tuesday: (booked)
Wednesday: (Rotating) 12pm, 2pm, 4pm. (evening booked)
Thursday: 11am, 1pm, 3pm. (evening booked)
Friday: (booked out)
Saturday: 3pm, 4pm (evening booked)
Sunday: N/A (studio booked)

End > June 5th.

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James Norbert Ivanyi – Pray Darkly – OFFICIAL VIDEO

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