Juan Simón Ramirez: Little Oceans by Soap Revelations

We are an emerging independent progressive rock/metal band from Bogotá, Colombia, and recently dropped our latest studio album. We want to share the release with you, in case you are interested in writing a review or possibly considering us for a feature on your site.

Little Oceans is Soap Revelations’s third full-length release, and the first one to have multiple people involved musically. The album was self-recorded and self-produced by us, and was released independently on April 27, 2017 through Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Bandcamp and other online platforms.

Our influences include modern guitar-oriented progressive bands and artists (mainly Plini, Tesseract, Cloudkicker and Intervals) as well jazz fusion acts (such as Snarky Puppy and Chick Corea). We also aim to include small hints of minimalism and even of mainstream radio-friendly pop.

1. Little Oceans 01:30
2. The Willow House 02:41
3. Town of Cats (Feat. Luke Dowsett)05:32
4. Skylights (Feat. Juliana Castrillón)05:49
5. A Matter of Perspective 01:31
6. The Mind Palace, Part 1 03:50
7. The Mind Palace, Part 2 (Feat. Nick Az)08:16

These tracks were mainly inspired by surreal dreams, imaginary places, special memories and human emotions in general. We recommend listening to the album as a whole, and with your best set of headphones. Enjoy!
released April 27, 2017

Juan Pablo Gonzalez | Drums, lyrics
Nicolás Gámez | Bass (On Skylights & The Mind Palace)
Juan Simón Ramirez | Guitars, bass, keyboards

Also featuring:
Juliana Castrillón | Guest vocals on Town of Cats & Skylights
Luke Dowsett | Guest guitar solo on Town of Cats
Nick Az | Guest guitar solo on The Mind Palace, Part 2

Drums recorded at Ameba Studios with Rafael Escandón.
Mixed, mastered and produced by Juan Simón Ramírez in his bedroom.
Written and performed by Soap Revelations.

Thanks to: Nerve Studios (Simon Grove)

Little Oceans by Soap Revelations

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