Charlie Robbins: announces new band Artificial Language and new album The Observer

Hey everyone! I’m excited to announce that my band
Artificial Language (… )
just released our new album “The Observer” so please subscribe to that channel for some videos! Thanks everyone! 🙂

Track List:
1) Observer
2) The Grand Skeptic
3) These Aren’t Mirages
4) Unself Portrait
5) The Silver Cord
6) Change
7) Playing The River
8) Dirty Hands
9) Fortune Teller
10) Mazes
11) Turn Off The Pictures

Charlie Robbins – Guitar Solo (Read description)

Charlie Robbins breaking down the solo to “Mazes” section by section.

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Instagram – @artificiallanguageofficial
Twitter – @Artificiallband

Artificial Language – Charlie Robbins – “Mazes” (Guitar solo tutorial + TABS)

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