Brad Bradbury: Funk Rock Backing Track in E.

Funk rock backing track, two chords E7#9, and A13.

E7#9 eight bars
A13 eight bars

So a I-IV progression. There are a number of ways you could solo over these chords, for a rock guitar approach E Dorian mode works well. But wait, the Dorian mode is a minor mode and E7#9 and A13 are dominant chords, well the E7#9 has both major third and minor third intervals(the #9 is the note G which is also the minor third) and we are used to hearing minor blues/pentatonics over dominant chords.
What about the A13? a natural choice to solo over this would be A Mixolydian, and it just happens that E Dorian and A Mixolydian are the same notes.

Have fun.

Funk Rock Backing Track in E.

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