George Marios: Kody – The Powerful Sessions

The Powerful Sessions

We’re very proud to announce Kody as a brand new JTC artist, debuting with three powerful tracks featuring incredible modern chops with a vintage attitude vibe. You’ll find endless creative ideas that will empower and revitalise your own solos!

In these tracks you’ll find a wide array of styles and playing approaches. Kody has a very unique view of guitar soloing which means he’s able to include some amazing rhythmic and melodic ideas to express his voice on the instrument.

Kody says ‘I’ve called this The Powerful Sessions because these three tracks really incorporate some of my favourite things about guitar playing and about music in general.’

While learning these tracks you’ll find everything from dual synth/guitar lines, odd time signatures, powerful melodies, intense moments of super-shred, interesting outside ideas, loads of blues and rock ideas and some really hard-hitting grooves!

There’s certainly a lot to get your teeth into here, which is why you’re in safe hands as we’ve provided everything you need from Videos/Audio to TAB/Notation and even some track notes from Kody himself, to help you break apart these tracks as you learn them piece by piece. Lastly we’ve included the three full backings so you can jam out Kody’s solos or express your own voice over the top of these amazing tracks!

So what are you waiting for? Grab that guitar and Kody’s debut release and get learning… you’re in for quite the adventure!

Download right now, or Premium Members hit the +MyTracks button and get instant streaming access!

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