ALBUM REVIEW: Rock Is Our Religion – Lessmann/Voss

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Claus Lessmann [BONFIRE] and Michael Voss [CASANOVA, MAD MAX] have joined forces as LESSMANN/VOSS and created their debut album Rock Is Our ReligionAdmittedly, calling it a debut is a bit of an understatement given that this isn’t the first time the two have worked together to release music, as they are also members of rock band PHANTOM 5.

It’s also worth pointing out that Rock Is Our Religion is the brilliant result of not only Lessmann and Voss, but also of producer Michael Schenker [SCORPIONS, THE MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP]. Together, they have produced an album which is a mixture of both classic and modern rock music, something can you picture different generations enjoying and bonding over. Essentially it doesn’t matter if you’re part of the classic 80s rock crowd or part of the new generation; you can picture LESSMAN/VOSS performing at a festival and seeing the varying age groups joining forces and having the best time together. 

One of the stand-out moments on Rock Is Our Religion is sixth track Slow Dance, a track that is reminiscent of QUEEN’s Somebody To Love; it’s something that you can picture being used in the soundtrack of a coming of age film, or as the backing track for a behind the scenes montage of the band on tour. And that’s the thing with Rock Is Our Religion, you can easily imagine any of the songs being used in the soundtrack of a film, there’s a song for nearly any occasion.

Later, ninth track Look Around provides another highlight. It’s an anthem that you can imagine once again in the festival scenario with the crowd banding together to get their lighters out and sway along with their friends and loved ones held close.

Overall, Rock Is Our Religion is a highly enjoyable record. It’s the type of album that you could bring out in the middle of a heatwave (a bit too soon?) and have played in the background as you sit with friends whilst having a barbecue and drinks. It’s also an album that will make you feel good and something you can play regardless of environment, whether it’s at that festival or at home doing housework, it will make you feel pumped, you will fist bump and you will find yourself headbanging along.

Rating: 9/10

Rock Is Our Religion - Lessmann Voss

Rock Is Our Religion is set for release on July 22nd via Atomic Fire Records.

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