5 Often Overlooked Music Promotional Campaign Ideas

5-overlooked-campaign-ideasWhile many of the conventional methods of promoting yourself as an artist may seem tired and dull, there are several frequnetly overlooked ways of engaging with your fans through your mailing list that will keep interested and eager for more!


Guest post by Team Fanbridge of the Fanbridge Blog

If you’re tired of the same by-the-numbers promotional campaign, there’s still a number of ways to keep active and engage your mailing list. With these 5 tips, you can easily keep your fans intrigued.

Special Appearances

Let’s say you have an upcoming guest spot in a tv/web series or your music is being featured in a popular show or movie. You wouldn’t want fans to miss out, right? Let them know where to catch your appearance with an email campaign. You could also set up an auto-recurring social campaign to keep fans in the loop leading up to your big debut.


Whether it’s on a global scale or right at home, there’s always a cause that people are passionate about.  Why not combine your influence with that passion to help facilitate change? Try starting a fundraising campaign or simply speak out to shed light on an issue. To rally your fans behind you, create an email campaign and spread the word. Your audience may even share your view and speaking out about the cause could not only spread awareness but also strengthen their bond with you.


Nabbed an interview spot on the morning news or just chatting it up on the local “morning zoo”? Let your fans know when & where to tune in! Create a geo-targeted campaign around where you’re interviewing to shout out when local fans can catch you on air. And in case they missed it, share footage/audio with fans in an email campaign if the clip’s available online.


If you’re not quite big enough to land a local interview (don’t worry, you’ll get there!) or are just having a slow season, you can always stay connected with fans with a quick online Q&A. Schedule social and email campaigns to let your audience know when to send in their questions. Then, prepare an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on a subreddit related to what you do or create a hashtag to make it easy to track fans’ questions on Twitter. You can even make use of our Questions feature for a simple, organized way to answer questions while building your mailing list.


Don’t lie, EVERYONE has those go to #MondayMotivation jams or songs you belt out in the shower to brighten your morning. Keep your fans engaged with a quick and easy playlist of your personal favorites! Gather a handful of your favorite songs or songs that have inspired you and your work to share with your audience. For Spotify users, you can include your playlist in an email campaign in case your subscribers aren’t following you on Spotify yet.

And if you’re looking for a little playlist inspiration, check out our SpotiFridays playlist series!



What are some of your favorite campaign topics that most might not consider?  Send us a question or let us know in the comments!

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