What Unsigned Bands Can Learn From Disney

1Here we look at what artists looking to make it in the music industry can learn from a solidly established corporate behemoth like Disney, and how Disney’s ability to tell and re-tell a story in a way that is compelling to, and brings in a new audience can be applied to an unsigned band in the music business.


In this newest post to MusicThinkTank, Mark Knight details how artists can take a lesson out of Disney’s book and apply some their principles to their own marketing.

“…Let’s forget the traditional music industry media channels and consider how we can apply The Disney model to other direct to fan distribution channels like social media. As a new band or artist on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter et al you have new fans finding you each week. Most fans arrive in response to one thing. That could be The one gig they attended, the one YouTube video they saw, the one track they found on Spotify. So that means you have a lot more to share with them.”

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