Watch Slash Surprise ‘School of Rock’ Kids with Impromptu "Sweet Child O’ Mine" Jam

Last summer, Slash surprised the kids in the Broadway musical School of Rock when he dropped in during a rehearsal to play Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and “Paradise City” with them.

The guitarist was in New York City in July 2016 to perform a pair of concerts on Guns N’ Roses’ tour when the surprise gig went down. The young musicians—including guitar prodigy Brandon Niederauer, who plays the character Zack—were playing “Sweet Child O’ Mine” when Slash stepped in and began playing the song’s iconic riff.

From a look at the video, it appears that singer Tomika wasn’t even aware Slash had joined the group until the song was finished.

“It was really cool to meet such an enthusiastic and talented bunch of young rock ’n’ rollers,” the guitarist told Rolling Stone. “They were great kids as well as players.”

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