Watch Los Rios Rock School Students Recreate Van Halen’s First Album

The intrepid young students at the Los Rios Rock School were recently taken by the folks over at Produce Like a Pro to Sunset Sound, the studio where—among many other classics—Van Halen’s self-titled debut was recorded. There, the youngsters recreated the album in its entirety, down to the last detail, in a single day.

The students were given the exact same equipment—the same mics, console and even the same reverb chamber—that the band used to create their iconic debut four decades ago.

Below, you can watch one of the more mind-blowing aspects of the recording, the note-for-note recreation of Eddie Van Halen’s “Eruption” solo.

Two 13 (!!) year-olds—Will Weiss and Julia Lane—were tasked with the solo, and, as you can see, had little difficulty nailing it in one take.

For more info on the Los Rios Rock School, you can stop by its website.

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