Watch David Gilmour Perform Pink Floyd’s "Run Like Hell" at Pompeii

Today—September 29—David Gilmour released Live at Pompeii, a live album and concert film documenting his performance at the Pompeii Amphitheatre last year.

Now, you can get a preview of the film and album with a gorgeously shot, high-definition video of Gilmour and his band performing the Pink Floyd classic, “Run Like Hell.”

The Live at Pompeii album was produced by Gilmour himself, while the film was directed by Gavin Elder. You can pick up a copy here.

Gilmour—in one of the trailers for Live at Pompeiihinted that a new album may not be too far off in the distance. “I feel very uncomfortable heading off out and doing another tour without having made new music,” he said. “There are several songs that are close to being complete which didn’t make it onto this album (his most recent solo album, 2015’s Rattle That Lock).”

“I can’t see myself doing another tour without making another album first, and that takes me awhile,” he continued. “It took 10 years last time. I’m really hoping that—without making any promises—that it won’t take 10 years this time.”

You can watch the live clip of “Run Like Hell” below.

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