WATAIN Releases Lyric Video For New Single 'Serimosa'

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Notorious Swedish black metal collective WATAIN has unleashed “Serimosa”, the second single from its upcoming new studio album, “The Agony & Ecstasy Of Watain”, which will be released on April 29 via Nuclear Blast.

“Serimosa” sees a shift in pace from its furious predecessor “The Howling”, heading towards more of a gloomy and gothic landscape, yet bearing the unmistakable black mark of WATAIN. Lyrically, its contemporary acuteness and prophetic quality is just as unnerving as it is comforting.

Vocalist Erik Danielsson states: “‘Serimosa’ tells of the electric notion of the coming of a great power. The appearance of cracks in the dam that holds the flood of the great sea. A visitor from the beyond, crossing the threshold into the material world.

“Just like ‘Watain’, ‘Serimosa’ is a word/name of power communicated out of unknown origin, appearing into the world sans history, to be approached with thought and reverence. Its linguistic root may be traced from the Latin word Seri (‘serum’), along with Dolorosa (‘pain’), Nebulosa (‘starfog’) and Lacrimosa (“tearfilled”), as if those words and their meanings were spoken as one. In her hand she holds the stern light of renewal, of transformation, of merciless cleansing. Thematically, Serimosa also holds similarities to the fiery Samhara aspect of Nataraja, the doomsday dance of Shiva marking the dissolution of order at the end of an eon.

“May she bring you far and deep.”

“The Agony & Ecstasy Of Watain” track listing

01. Ecstasies In Night Infinite
02. The Howling
03. Serimosa
04. Black Cunt
05. Leper’s Grace
06. Not Sun Nor Man Nor God
07. Before The Cataclysm
08. We Remain
09. Funeral Winter
10. Septentrion

WATAIN will join forces with infamous Norwegian black metal legends MAYHEM for a tour through North America, aptly labeled “The Sanguine Sodomy Of North America”, starting on March 7. They will be supported by U.S. blackened speed metal punks MIDNIGHT.

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