Warren Hughes: Go Fund Me for Debut CD Release

Warren Hughes


As you all guitar is my life ,my passion, my gift , my purpose . Over the past few years I have made major steps from a nobody musician to an endorsed artist with no record deal or even performing live . I get up every morning with the same purpose to bring the music to all of you . It brings joy to my heart in knowing that I have touched so many and that so many of you have touched my heart with kind words and comments and for taking the time out of your busy day to even stop by and take a listen . I am here for a reason and you listen for a reason the reason is the music and what it dose for the soul . If I can take your mind off your day to day stresses of life for that small moment in time that you listen then I have done my job as a musician . This has nothing to do with fame or being a rock star or guitar god . It has everything to do with healing the soul . That is why I was put on this earth and that is why I do what I do with a passion and determination because I know the outcome is something good for man kind. I am in the process of recording my debut CD and as you all know Production, mastering etc ain’t cheap . I am asking for your support in making this a reality for so many that have requested this over the past few years . This will also be me solidifying my place in music and standing on my square my calling card. More than anything I look forward to getting this release out to you all . Lets make this a reality and let the healing begin . Thank you all and god bless.
To those of you who make a contribution of $10.00 or more a CD will be coming your way to show my appreciation for your support . Thank you again for your comments and love and continued support this would not be possible if it were not for all of you .

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