Vox Debuts New Starstream Type 1 Plus, Giulietta Archtop Guitars

Vox has brought two new electric guitars to the table for 2018, the Starstream Type 1 and the Giulietta Archtop.

Vox Giulietta Archtop

Vox Giulietta Archtop

The Giulietta archtop features Vox’s AREOS-D Digital Modeling System, which includes a wide range of acoustic, electric and synth models, and uses the guitar’s magnetic pickup to create the electric guitar models and synth sounds for greater realism and accuracy.

The Giulietta VGA-3PS features a compact body size, making for a more comfortable playing experience, while also reducing feedback and improving the overall tone of the guitar. The real secret of the Giulietta, however, is the Vox Hybrid Bridge System. This new system includes aluminum and wood materials that provides strength and tuning stability with more sustain, especially with the built in piezo pickup system.  

Vox Starstream Type-1 Plus

Vox Starstream Type-1 Plus

The Startstream Type-1 Plus is an updated version of last year’s Starstream Type-1 with new features, including upgraded modeling sounds powered by Vox’s AREOS-D Digital Modeling System.

The new Type-1 Plus also features a new “passive” mode, allowing players to perform without using battery power. The on-board sounds have also been enhanced, providing richer and fuller tones.

The Type-1 Plus line also includes a Mahogany model which features a genuine Mahogany body for deep, resonant tones and smooth sustain.

The prices for the Giulietta Archtop and the Startstream Type-1 Plus have yet to be determined.

For more about the guitars, stop by voxamps.com.

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