Video Premiere: Turbid North – ‘The Road’

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Prepare yourself for the end times with this new video from Turbid North, the Texas trio that describes their music as the meeting point between Black Sabbath and Napalm Death. They certainly nail the darker side of both bands in the video for “The Road,” which combines the band’s post-metal-ish sound with a despairing visual.

“The Road” leans heavily into the doomed and stoned side of Turbid North, featuring chugging riffs and bellowing vocals. The song strikes a lonely chord in the listener, which is further strengthened by the accompanying video which shows a woman, once left for dead, regaining her strength and connecting with her old self.

The band elaborate:

“‘The Road’ is about survival in the bleakest situations. How far you’ll push yourself to keep going. Even if the world you’re living in isn’t all that great to begin with. ‘Suffer today, to live another day.’”

Check out the video for “The Road” below. Turbid North’s new album, The Decline, is out on January 20.

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