Video Premiere: SpiritWorld – “Unholy Passages”

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“‘Unholy Passages’ is the JAM,” says SpiritWorld mainman Stu Folsom.

I mean, we could pretty much stop there and just play you the new video from SpiritWorld’s relentless riff-maker Pagan Rhythms and that’s really all the context you’d need to enjoy it. But considering that today Decibel unveils our own exclusive version of Pagan Rhythms — pressed on “Ritual Human Sacrifice Bone” colored vinyl and packed with a limited edition 12” x 12” art print and limited to 250 copies worldwide — it seems like a good time to be thorough. So, where were you, Mr. Folsom?

“If I could pick one song off of Pagan Rhythms to show people, this is it. 270 BPM of hella nasty riff vomit! Just when you think, ‘Okay, this song fucks, I’m diggin’ it…,’  it drops another banger riff on you. It’s even got the Hellraiser, ‘Do I look like I care what God thinks?’ breakdown sprinkled with some field recordings of a monsoon season thunderstorm I recorded on my cell phone to top it off! When I made the visualizer for it, everything was still on lockdown, so a real video was out of the question. I knew I needed something striking to compliment the song, so I pivoted down the rabbit hole of archival footage sourcing old rodeo footage, go-go dancers, and occult rituals. Enjoy!”

Your next chance to a catch SpiritWorld live is just a few weeks away, as the band is a part of Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest: Los Angeles’ insane December 10-11 weekend where Converge will perform their seminal metallic hardcore classic, Jane Doe, in its entirety and Cave In will perform all of their landmark Until Your Heart Stops debut while Deadguy, Sacred Reich, Gatecreeper, Repulsion and more bring the world’s heaviest beer festival to the Belasco in downtown Los Angeles. All ticket options are below.

Purchase Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest: Los Angeles Two-Day tickets
Purchase Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest: Los Angeles December 10 tickets
Purchase Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest: Los Angeles December 11 tickets

Converge (performing Jane Doe in its entirety)
Sacred Reich
Early Graves (final show)
Night Demon
Ripped to Shreds

Cave In (performing Until Your Heart Stops in its entirety)
Crypt Sermon

After that, SpiritWorld hits the road on select dates as the opener on the 2022 Decibel Magazine Tour along side Obituary, Municipal Waste, Gatecreeper and Enforced. The Decibel Magazine Tour 2022 dates and ticket links below.

January 29 • Atlanta, GA • The Masquerade (no Gatecreeper or SpiritWorld)

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