Video Premiere: Luna’s Call “Merced’s Footsteps”

British progressive death metal outfit Luna’s Call prepare for their ascent out of obscurity with new lyric video, “Merced’s Footsteps.” The East Midland’s based outfit formed out of members of black metallers Baalberith, goth-industrial unit FearOfHatred, and thrash metal bangers Chemical Storm in 2012. Since then, Luna’s Call have self-released two albums — 2016’s Divinity and 2020’s Void — to the shock and awe of progressive-minded metal fans the world over. While Divinity enjoyed rave reviews, it’s Void where the quartet are in phoenix mode. To wit, not only is the eight-song stunner being picked up and re-issued via legendary French indie Listenable Records, Void will now provide a recognizable platform for which Luna’s Call can reach out — through masterfully played and constructed progressive death metal — wider and further.

Indeed, “Merced’s Footsteps” — a two-minute dream runner — and the rest of Void are tailored for fans of Devin Townsend, Cynic, Opeth, Dream Theater, Voyager, Exivious, et al. The group’s bridging of death metal and progressive rock is a masterstroke. Produced by endlessly-celebrated knob twiddler Russ Russell (Napalm Death, At The Gates, Amorphis), Void is both heavy and atmospheric. The clear picture of Luna’s Call’s multi-layered journey is on display throughout. From tracks like “Merced’s Footsteps” and the impressive “Solar Immolation” to “Signs” and closing epic “Fly Further Cosmonaut,” this is one of Russell’s defining moments.

Say Luna’s Call: “‘Merced’s Footsteps’ is the opening track to our new album Void. Heavily inspired by the incredible Wanda Díaz-Merced, a blind astronomer who turned data received from the radiation of stars and space into audible sound. ‘Merced’s Footsteps’ involves and follows the concept of receiving messages and songs from the stars, and even includes hidden messages within the song itself.”

** Luna’s Call’s new album, Void, is out now in Europe and has a U.S. street date of May 14th via French indie Listenable Records. The vinyl and CD versions are available for order now HERE.

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