Video Premiere: Fearsore – “Cloudfall”

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Like the song it’s set to, the video for Fearsore’s latest track, “Cloudfall,” offers up an oddly entrancing mixture of the hypnotizing and harsh. It’s a dark, psychedelic journey set to a pulsing, abrasive industrial metal soundtrack—part electronic soundscape, part grinding riff generator. A hundred percent riveting. I couldn’t really give you an accurate synopsis of what transpires in said visual mindfuck, but the imagery perfectly complements the audio.

Fearsore is the creation of Chicago musician Wiley Wells who wrote, performed and engineered “Cloudfall.”  The track is taken from Fearsore’s upcoming second full-length, Bloedwyrx, which was mastered by Dennis A. Cimpeanu and set for release on Dead Sage Records on August 5. The five-track album will be available on digipak CD and digitally, and you can place your preorder for both, as well as watch another Fearsore video, here.

Here’s what Wells had to say about the new track:

“‘Cloudfall’ is representative of the nagging voice in your head that suggests as you stand on the edge of a precipice—‘jump.’ How natural could it be, under the influence of prescribed medications, for your own voice to come out of the back of your head over a morning cup of coffee and suggest, ‘why not end it today?’ in such a casual manner?

“In a world where we can find far too many reasons to shut down, call it off, walk away, even hate what is before us, it is far more important to find a reason that to this point the journey has been worth it . . .

“‘Cloudfall’ is a soundscape within a soundscape, written to be ingested like the waking from a nightmare; the sort where the sun greets your eyes first in a very abrupt and staggering manner but then like a refreshing burst of calm. All the while, you try to recount the exact moments within that dream only vaguely remembering the overall atmosphere, then bringing your senses back to a state of elation that you are indeed still here . . . wherever that may be.”

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