Video Premiere: Black Matter Device – “Blood Splatter Ink Blot”

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Emerging from the wretched mid-Atlantic hive of scum and villainy known as Richmond, Virginia, mathcore stalwarts Black Matter Device have been carving a destructive swath over the musical landscape for the past several years. Combining the stark anti-melodies of bands like Psyopus and the Dillinger Escape Plan but with a polished modern edge and a grindcore mentality (short songs), Black Matter Device proudly bring the genre of mathcore back from the brink of obscurity and into the current spotlight with a string of abrasive albums, most recently Autonomous Weapons, released this past April.

The album is filled with plenty of heavy hitting songs and tongue-in-cheek titles that will greatly please the white-belt skramz kid in all of us. Decibel is pleased to debut the music video for the second single on the album “Blood Splatter Ink Blot,” which combines stream-of-consciousness lyricism with jarringly off-kilter grooves that perplex and bombard the listener into complete psychosis.


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