Vévaki announce new album ‘Fórnspeki’

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VÉVAKI have announced a new album!

Titled Fórnspeki, the upcoming album from the neofolk outfit follows their 2020 debut album Edda, and is scheduled to be released in October this year via Season Of Mist.

Speaking about the new album, singer and multi-instrumentalist Will Hunter says, “We decided to go a bit bigger. We started working on the second album and we brought in Gísli [Gunnarsson], and the sound has changed quite a bit, I think. It’s much more mature now. In my opinion, Gísli is the glue that holds us together. He comes from a modern classical background. And Hrafnhildur [Inga Guðjónsdóttir] was an obvious choice, to add an important female dynamic. Her voice has a healing quality to it, I think, and that’s a big thing with the new album.”

He adds, “Our practice is very animistic. But you don’t have to be a super spiritual person to feel some sort of connection to nature. And we just hope that whoever is listening finds that our music brings some sort of connection for them.”

Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Sigurboði Grétarsson also comments, Fórnspeki was composed around this concept of the ritual and of the performance. There will be a performance and ritual on stage, because that’s how the songs are imagined. And some of the songs came from rituals that we’ve done or have spawned from the rituals. For example, the song Dísablót is based around a ritual that we would do. It’s got lots of chants in there that we would do and we hope that other people might be inspired. On this new album we have a lot of original lyrics. But it’s both based in the myth and the practice. It’s not all about the gods but also about the worship and the ritual.”

Grétarsson also clarifies, “We’re not going for historical accuracy. We’re not married to the idea that it has to be a Nordic instrument. We’re not Vikings. We’re not the Shamans, or the Priests. We are the practitioners, the regular folk making the offerings.”

Alongside the announcement of the album, the band have released the second single from the record, titled Gestaþáttr, which follows the release of Jötnablót in May this year.

Listen to Gestaþáttr here:

Also, you can view the track list and artwork for the upcoming album below.

Track List:

  1. Brynhildarljóð
  2. Heimdalagaldr
  3. Hreingálknir
  4. Jötnablót
  5. Griðastaðr
  6. Dísablót
  7. Gestaþáttr
  8. Vitrun
  9. Varðloka

Fórnspeki - Vevaki

Fórnspeki is set for release on October 28th via Season Of Mist. Pre-orders are available now and can be purchased here.

For more information on VÉVAKI like their official page on Facebook.

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