TuneRegistry Links with Harry Fox To Help Indie Songwriters Get Paid Spotify, Streaming Mechanical Royalties

image from ledgerlink.monster.com[UPDATED] Indie music rights management platform TuneRegistry has announced a partnership with the Harry Fox Agency to initiate electronic delivery of song registrations.


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TuneRegistry‘s new partnership with the Harry Fox Agency completes its goal of making in easy for independent music creators to submit music registrations and metadata to all relevant rights in the United States through its online platform. TuneRegistry already supports electronic delivery of title registrations to ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SoundExchange, and Music Reports.

“Our goal is to be a one-stop shop,” said TuneRegistry’s CEO, Dae Bogan, “so the export-import process was no good. Now, with this HFA approval, we’re another step closer to becoming the recognized solution for DIY music creators to self-administer both their composition and master rights in the US.”

Why This Deal Really Matters

Spotify New $Spotify is arguably the leading source of streaming mechanical royalties for songwriters in the United States Apple Music is second. However, unlike master royalties, independent music creators generally do not receive streaming mechanical royalties from their distributor. In fact, most distributors do not collect streaming mechanical royalties or offer publishing administration services for up to 20% commission.

HFA must know that a composition exists in order to properly license it and account to the copyright owners. It is no secret that Spotify has faced legal issues as a result of being unable to efficiently identify rights-holders in the compositions performed on its platform.

Because they are not represented by an active publishers, songs written by DIY musicians tend to make up the bulk of the compositions that have gone unlicensed. The TuneRegistry-HFA collaboration will now enable independent creators to raise their hand and potentially unlock more royalties.

In addition to Spotify, this update enables indie rights-holders to license to Apple, Napster f/k/a Rhapsody, The Orchard, and 7Digital. Once fully implemented, indie rights-holders will be able to register songs through TuneRegistry to be licensed for mechanical rights without giving up a cut of their royalties to third-party administrators. They will also be able to participate in other types of licensing opportunities made available through HFA on behalf of a variety clients who use its Rumblefish administration services.

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