Trash Boat release new music video for ‘Delusions Of Grandeur’

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TRASH BOAT have released a new music video!

The new music video, for the track Delusions Of Grandeur, is the brand new single from the British pop-punk band and marks their first new music since 2021’s Don’t You Feel Amazing?.

Delusions Of Grandeur, is about recognising that we are all so obsessed with the next achievement in life, that we forget that our brains are wired to only really NEED the essentials,” says vocalist Tobi Duncan about the new song. “Water, sleep and companionship. Our brains are biological organisms that are perfectly happy with simplicity. We’ve created this idea of success and it traps us into thinking we can’t be ‘happy’ until we have the next thing – a car, a house, money, selling out the next biggest venue, impressing someone more well connected, getting your foot in a bigger door. These are the delusions of grandeur we all share. The song is a reflection of this grind and a reminder to take stock of what you have and realise that it’s already enough, the rest is just a bonus.”

Watch the official music video for Delusions Of Grandeur here: 

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