Track Premiere: Vyrion – “Avalanche”

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After 13 years as a band, Brisbane-based black metal troop Vyrion clearly know how to write a black metal song. But on their third album Nil, out October 26, the quartet seem to be more interested in constructing war machines from black metal, black thrash and death metal. 

If you thought this was going to be some trebly, thin affair with keyboards and incense, you are sorely mistaken. On Nil more than ever, Vyrion roll out an armored and weaponized type of black metal attack. For eight tracks straight and unrelenting therein, these Australians shred a remarkably heavy and intelligently composed style of aural violence.

Today we’re psyched to bring this warning to our readers in the form of “Avalance,” Vyrion’s first single from their new album Nil. According to the band, “‘Avalanche’ follows a warrior as he charges down a mountainside into bloody battle with the raw, blunt and deadly force of, and partnership with, an Avalanche. It is one of eight chapters in the story of Nil, our furious third album, which celebrates our warmongering past and decrepit future.”

“Avalanche”Support the underground: Preorder Nil straight from the band.

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