Track Premiere: Vrenth ‘Succumb to Chaos’

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Death metal comes and goes, but only Vrenth is real! Truly, who are Vrenth and why do they deserve such salutation? Well, the Californians formed out of the malice of bands like Gravehill, Ruin, Ascended Dead, Destroyed in Seconds, and Decibel darlings Deathevokation shortly before after-birthing their 2019 demo, Demo #1. The group got their golden start once they signed over to Maryland-based death-dealers Rotted Life (Molder, Coffin Rot), where the teamed up terror conspired to issue debut, Baptism Death, in the heart of the pandemic. Fans likened it to an American version of Abhorrence or Coffins, but under Vrenth’s festering skin, there’s more creepy-crawly fetid at work.

Fast forward two years later… Vrenth have risen from their impermanent primordial slumber to grace our guts with their sophomore effort, Succumb to Chaos, again with Rotten Life as caretakers. Decibel fused our flesh with Rotted Life to bring the denizens of demise the title track, “Succumb to Chaos,” from Vrenth’s forthcoming puke-player. Death metal comes and goes, but this track has a few aces up its decaying legs. The riffs, the wild solos, and the elongated bursts of caveman-like brutality mourn into the grave of funereal atmosphere like Asphyx on a Disment of Soul bender. To say we’re stoked, well… we are!

Say Vrenth from the hovel of blistering Amboy: “We continue our reign of blackened death metal terror with the crushing title track from our latest album, Succumb to Chaos. Prepare to lose your grip on reality as you descend into a pandemonium of unknown horror!”

Vrenth may be on the periphery of metaldom now, but that’s gonna change when we stream this brutal despondent death-chaos today! Rise maggots!

** Vrenth’s new album, Succumb to Chaos, is out September 5th, 2022 on Rotted Life. Pre-orders for various cassette colorways and CD are HERE at Bandcamp. Chaos is order!

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