Track Premiere: Replicant – ‘Excess Womb’

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New Jersey death metal trio Replicant are fiercer and dirtier than ever on Malignant Reality, the band’s second full-length and fifth release since 2018. As the band’s latest single, “Excess Womb,” indicates, Malignant Reality sees the band further settle into their technical, dissonant brand of death without sacrificing the grooves and mosh parts that also existed in their sound.

The song starts off with a groove and dissonant melodies before picking up into a flurry of blast beats and off-kilter riffing. Replicant return to the song’s mean core intermittently, never drifting too far into avant-garde space. There are obvious shades of Gorguts, Demilich and Burnt by the Sun on “Excess Womb,” but Replicant are more than the sum of their parts, turning out a sound that is both familiar and foreign.

“‘Excess Womb’ is about the discomfort of living within your own body and the repulsive idea of being sentient, encased within a grotesque rotting skin sack full of bacteria susceptible to disease,” Replicant tell Decibel. “Being the result of millions of centuries of random biological processes and the grief that we know no better state.”

Malignant Reality is out on September 10 via Transcending Obscurity, but Decibel is streaming “Excess Womb” below.


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