Track Premiere: Low Estate “Masked Illusion” (Featuring Dwid from Integrity)

“Thirty-nine year old me told 16 year old me that Dwid from Integrity was guesting on our record, which made 16 year old me’s head explode in pure hardcore excitement,” Low Estate guitarist Geoff Garlock tells Decibel. “It also created a weird time paradox, but it was worth it.”

That whole time-paradox-by-way-of-exploding-head bit may be a joke, but the visceral, disquieting brand of top-shelf blackened metallic hardcore this band comprised of current and ex-members of Red Sparowes, Sannhet, Orchid, and The Year is One metes out most certainly is not.

Exhibit A: The exclusive premiere of the ultra-brutal track “Masked Illusion,” featuring guest vocals from none other than extreme music legend and recent Decibel cover star Dwid Hellion of Integrity.

“Dwid is a good friend and during the last year we have collaborated quite bit,” vocalist Jimmy Hubbard adds. “During these creative collaborations, we talked extensively about many of the reoccurring themes and concepts behind his lyrics in Integrity and how we could visually bring them to life. When Brendan Tobin and I were writing the lyrics for ‘Masked Illusion’ I could not help but think of Dwid because so many of the lyrical themes in the song mirrored some of the discussions Dwid and I had. When we started tracking vocals for the song I could just hear his voice at certain parts, especially during the end of the song. Oddly enough, while we were tracking vocals Dwid asked if we needed any help. So, I jumped at the chance — it’s not too often the singer of a band you have loved since you were a teenager offers to sing on one your bands songs! So, we sent him the track and all waited in excitement to hear what he would do. He has such an amazing distinct voice — you know it’s Dwid singing the second you hear him! Needless to say, we were all beyond stoked when we first heard his voice start singing on the track!”

Check out another track from the Low Estate debut full-length The Covert Cult of Death here. Pre-order the record — out October 22 — from The Flenser here.

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