Track Premiere: Hellbore – “All Men Are Created Evil”

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Back in 2019, tech death duo Hellbore introduced the world to their trans-Atlantic alliance. Instrumentalist Charlie Munro handled all guitars, bass, mixing and production on the tandem’s scathing debut, Holy Sadist. The blasphemer on the microphone is Chris Whitby, setting each composition ablaze with screams ‘n’ snarls from New York. A lot has happened since the autumn of ’19. Hellbore’s upcoming album Panopticon is a concentration of restless, sonic rage that is diversely textured by Munro’s boundless creativity. Decibel Magazine is pleased to share the project’s new single, “All Men Are Created Evil.” Blast this inhumane noise ahead of Panopticon‘s March 18th release.

From the first slithering riffs, the song is a forked-tongue scream of tech death brilliance.  Munro’s guitars are ever-elusive; adept both at shred and exploring the outer-limits in the song’s memorable solo. The song title is an indictment, but this track is a treat for fans of technical death metal. Whether you’re into skull-battering brutality or sci-fi death metal with subtle symphonic flourishes, Hellbore have you covered.

“”All Men Are Created Evil” is probably the most technical song on the album,” the band shares. “It was the first one to be written and was one of the most challenging ones to get sounding right due to all the different things going on instrumentally. The track has a couple of reprieves but is pretty much all guns blazing for four minutes, closing with a mid-tempo groovy outro.”

Embrace your inner evil and press play below.

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