Track Premiere: Glacial Tomb covers Aus Rotten’s “Fuck Nazi Sympathy”

If you’ve got the latest issue of Decibel you’ve read our review of Glacial Tomb’s demo, Cognitive Erosion and you know to be psyched for this news. If issue #156 has yet to reach your doorstep, let us catch you up. Glacial Tomb is a new band featuring Ben Hutcherson of Khemmis. With the help of drummer Michael Salazar and friend Connor Woods, Glacial Tomb is one of the darkest, heaviest forces to come from the US in recent years. Totally unlike Khemmis, Glacial Tomb play sludge-corrupted blackened death metal.

Today, Hutcherson wrote to let us know that Glacial Tomb has just released their rendition of Aus Rotten’s “Fuck Nazi Sympathy.”

“We are donating all profits from online sales this week to various charities who work to reduce inequality and fight white supremacy,” Hutcherson writes. “Maybe a Nazi will get mad and call us a bunch of ‘cucks’ (fingers crossed!). Feel free to crank it up at the office and send to any/all folks who need some fuel for Monday.”

Fuck Nazi Sympathy by GLACIAL TOMBThe band issued the following statement:

“Fuck Nazi Sympathy” is, we hope, a sentiment that everyone can get behind. Our decision to cover this song was born out of two things: a love for Aus Rotten and a disgust that white supremacists have become so emboldened that they gather in public and call for the extermination of our sisters, brothers, mothers, and fathers. We have no delusions about this recording changing the world, but we hope that it inspires others to use their art and myriad resources to make the world less of a giant dumpster fire. After all, aren’t things like resisting political domination by the elite and protecting the world(s) of music that we love part of the underground’s ethos?
If the song resonates with you, we hope you’ll take the dollar(s) you would’ve spent to pay for the song and donate to one of the charities listed below. Further, we will donate ALL of the profits from purchases of our Cognitive Erosion EP between 8/28 and 9/4 to them as well. If you’ve been thinking about downloading that release, we hope you will do it now. If you’re upset by this and think that music isn’t/shouldn’t be political (note: almost everything you do has political ramifications), then do nothing. You’re free to do so.
Protect and educate yourselves and your loved ones. We hope that tomorrow is brighter than today.

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