Track Premiere: Descent – “Fester”

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From the opening pummel of drums, Australian death metal project Descent blast pure hellfire out of the speakers in “Fester.” It’s the new single from the band’s sophomore record Order of Chaos, and the bloody fingerprints of familiar names are all over this beast. Descent drummer Brendan Auld engineered the record at Black Blood Audio, ensuring each bass kick caves in chest cavities. Kurt Ballou then mixed the album at God City Studios, before handing it over to Brad Boatright for mastering. That’s a lot of collaborators who know how to make an album sound mean and heavier than a dying sun.

“Fester” lives somewhere between Swedeath worship and the relentless fury of HM-2 hardcore. Descent have carved out their own corner of Hades that sounds just as treacherous as Auld’s other projects (Resin Tomb, Feculent, Snorlax, Siberian Hell Sounds). After the first two minutes of graven grooves, the song’s second half churns into a nightmare of tension and simmering violence. By the time the climax arrives in a splash of (black) bloodshed, you’re gonna want even more of this fresh hell. Check out the other Descent singles available now, and pre-order the album from Brilliant Emperor Records, Redefining Darkness (CD), and Caligari Records (Tape).

Don’t sit there rotting. Press play and bang your skull off your shoulders with Descent. Order of Chaos will rip a hole into our dimension on January 14th.

Asked for a statement about the album, Descent provided the following harrowing comment about their themes:

“Humanity has consistently borne witness to atrocities and extreme misconduct throughout history, and we continue to convince ourselves that as time progresses we evolve and become more advanced in our approach to all aspects of existence. Nothing could be further from the truth. With overwhelmingly rapid technological advancement and the ever-present threat to our individual sovereignty under the guise of “The Greater Good,” we find ourselves hoodwinked and sold snake oil by those we prop up as leaders and agents of influence.

“The level of corruption and dishonesty is gradually being exposed on a large scale as more awaken to the smell of bullshit and begin taking a healthy interest in issues that should garner constant scrutiny from all angles. The power we hold as a united collective far outweighs the puppetry enacted en masse over those content to wade into the mire of brainwashing and compliance. It’s only a matter of time before we “embrace the void” and harness the inherent potential we all possess, rendering these scumbags entirely defenseless and accountable for their misdeeds and deception. Alternatively, we plunge headlong into the abyss. The choice is ours, and the urgency is deafening.”

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Descent album art
Descent’s “Order of Chaos” – Artwork by Mitchell Nolte

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