Track Premiere: Cruz “Eones de Sangre”

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The last time the hordes at Decibel hoisted a Cruz track was 2016 (HERE). Now many many lifetimes later, Cruz lay all destroyed, beaten, beaten down, only the corpses of rebels in their wake with new song “Eones de Sangre” from their upcoming full-length Confines de la Cordura via Nuclear Winter Records. What separates Cruz now from Cruz of the last decade is the Barcelona-based outfit’s blend of crusty tempi, course melodicism, and no-holds-barred barbarism. Think if Celtic Frost, Discharge, and Unanimated fucked in a Ciutat Vella back alley, then Cruz might be the iniquitous offspring. With that, we leave it to Cruz to say what we couldn’t say…

Barcelonians Cruz bark: “‘Eones de Sangre’ is quite representative of what the band is right now. It has the filthy, aggressive, serpentine riffs and driving, relentless speed that became a trademark sound of the band with the first album, but it also contains other ideas which hadn’t been explored until now. For example, the rather black metal-ish middle part with old-school blasting, which is then followed by a mid-paced passage that combines Bathory with death metal riffing. Or the epic end of the song featuring a simple yet effective riff. All this, combined with raging but dynamic vocals and occasional melodic soloing, makes, we think, a song that is direct and in-your-face but diverse and dynamic. Lastly, the lyrics are about the concept of Chaos in Warhammer 40000, something some of us have been into since we were kids, and also a reference to Bolt Thrower, another influence of the band.”

Bow to the brutal (yet oddly melodic) grime of Cruz’s “Eones de Sangre”! Or, go listen to Doom Snake Cult.

** Cruz’s new album Confines de la Cordura is available September 26, 2022 via Greek indie Nuclear Winter. LP and CD orders go to Nuclear Winter’s website (HERE). For digital, head over to Bandcamp (HERE). Ooogh!

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