Tony Iommi on Collaborating with Brian May: “Yeah, I’d Like to Do Something with Him”

EON Music recently caught up with heavy metal godfather Tony Iommi at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods, where the guitarist appeared to accept the Golden God award on behalf of the Black Sabbath.

Iommi discussed a handful of topics including the last-ever Sabbath show, rumors of another one-off gig, and much more.

The guitarist also addressed a possible collaboration with Brian May, a project that was first rumored a few years ago.

Iommi told EOD Music: “Brian came up to my house a couple of weeks ago, and we started talking about it again, but it’s quite possible. We’d like to do it, but now he’s going on tour. But yeah, I’d like to do something with him.”

You can read the full article here.

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