TOMMY LEE On Being Inspiration For TYLA YAWEH/POST MALONE Song ‘Tommy Lee’: ‘It Feels So Cool’

MÖTLEY CRÜE‘s Tommy Lee says that he was thrilled to be the inspiration for the song from Tyla Yaweh called “Tommy Lee”. The track, which was released in June, also features Post Malone and is said to be an ode to the MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer and his lavish lifestyle.

“It’s even hard to explain,” Tommy told Kyle Meredith in a new interview (see video below). “I’m honored to death that someone would even call a song ‘Tommy Lee’, and then to have a song be about you… And coming from guys that, like — fucking Post Malone is probably one of the biggest artists, other than Billie Eilish. These are extremely talented and successful artists, and to get that back, it’s hard to even explain. It feels so cool. It’s like you’re in a club. They’ve not only accepted you, they’re fucking honoring you.

“It’s hard to talk about myself like that, so it’s difficult; I’m sorry,” he continued. “But it’s cool because it just acknowledges that what I’m doing, I’m on the right path. Getting shoutouts from a bunch of other hip-hop artists, and my name pops up in a bunch of songs. I get a kick out of that. I’m, like, ‘That’s fucking rad, man.’ It’s weird even talking about it. I don’t know. [Laughs]”

This past summer, Tommy told Army & Air Force Exchange Service‘s Facebook page about his involvement in “Tommy Lee”: “They asked me to do a remix [of the song]. I don’t know how much you know about remixes, but a lot of times, people will do a remix and you’re, like, somebody changed a few beats here and a little bit of this and a little bit of that and called it a remix. Well, this is like a ‘redo.’ We put on heavy guitars, I smash drums on it, bass, there’s some strings… It’s crazy. It’s like NIRVANA meets GREEN DAY meets THE BEATLES. It sounds like the same song, but it’s like the next-level version. It’s crazy.”

Malone says in the track: “Pull up wit a drum like I’m Tommy Lee/Yaweh got a stick came to rock with me. Living life like a rock star/Pulling up stretch limousines.”

In a separate interview with SiriusXM‘s Debatable, Tommy said that Yaweh and Malone initially recorded the song with “demo drums” and sent it to Lee, who then recorded his contribution at his home studio while in quarantine.

Lee and Post Malone previously collaborated on the song “Over Now”, which was featured on the rapper’s 2018 album “Beerbongs & Bentleys”.

Lee told Debatable about Malone: “I’ve known him for a while and that dude is a rock star, let me tell you. He’s a freaking maniac.”

Tyla told NME that “Tommy Lee” is about “living life and spreading positive energy.” Explaining why he and Malone named the track after the MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer, he added: “Tommy Lee just doesn’t give a fuck and I love that.”

Lee‘s new solo album, “Andro”, was released on October 16.

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