Today’s Tone Comparison: Singlecut Vs. Doublecut Gibson Les Paul

Hey, guys. As you might know by now, guitarist Darrell Braun is one of the internet’s go-to gents when it comes to comparing the tones of electric guitars. Sometimes the axes he compares are completely different, and sometimes—like today—they are quite similar (and even share a name).

Watch below as he compares the tones of a singlecut Gibson Les Paul to a doublecut Gibson Les Paul.

As always, he starts things off by discussing the features of each guitar, then he gets right into the playing. This video might be particularly helpful for guitarists who are looking to branch out from the more traditional singlecut Les Paul shape and sound. I, for instance, have owned plenty of traditional Les Pauls in my day, but I’ve never really even considered the doublecut variety. That might be changing soon.

For more helpful videos by Braun, be sure to visit his action-packed YouTube channel.

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