‘Tis The Season, But Are Holiday Albums Profitable?

1With November well under way, the sleigh bells are already ringing out, and holiday classics will soon dominate the airwaves, but for all the music played around the holidays, is releasing new holiday music really that profitable for the creator?


In this recent post to MusicThinkTank, Andrea Balogun looks into whether or not the numerous holiday releases and concerts done by artists this time of year are really all that profitable.

“With promotion starting well before Thanksgiving, each year there are new and established artists releasing Christmas albums.  This week, the top holiday albums on the Billboard charts cross all genres.  From Celine Dion to Hanson and from Michael Bublé to Elvis, with several recent releases.  But even an old favorite like “A Charlie Brown Christmas” soundtrack from 1965 reaches the top ten each year.  This proves that no matter how new or old the album, Christmas albums can be very profitable for years to come.”

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