Tips For Building A Killer Musician Press Kit

1One of the fastest, easiest, and most effective ways to present yourself as an artist, and will quickly tell any organization or booking agency whether or not you’re worth the investment, and not having one can cause you to miss out on great.


Guest post by Emma Miller

A press kit is the most effective way to present yourself, your work and your creativity to the potential employers, festivals, radio stations, news agencies and, of course, your future fans. Without a press kit, you are left at the mercy of individuals, organizations, and booking agencies that have to figure out who you are and whether you’re worth the investment. And if you want to secure your spot and not miss a potential opportunity of a lifetime, you better have a killer press kit at hand ready to send out.

Here is how to create the perfect press kit.

The electronic press kit (EPK)

2Electronic press kits are the more modern, convenient way of delivering your personal brand to the interested parties. It’s effective and it can be easily modified to fit any occasion. The two most noticeable advantages of an electronic press kit are its cost and distribution efficiency. Namely, there are no physical elements that need to be printed and recorded and it can be distributed digitally, which makes it an extremely efficient and cheap solution.

In order to make a killer electronic press kit, you will need to develop three key elements: an effective home page, your purpose, and an emotional response using specific electronic elements.

Your press kit is practically worthless if it’s not lead and portrayed by a strong and engaging home page. It has to be emotional and rewarding, it has to draw the recipient in, and entice them to experience your personal brand to the fullest. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is create an engaging website. In case you lack the funds to build a professional website, you have plenty of online EPK solutions that will let you create it from scratch.

Next, you will need to clearly define your purpose and tell your unique story – this will make you stand out from the crowd and give the recipient the incentive they need to become emotionally attached to your story, and your music. So rather than sending out press kits for the sole purpose of transferring information back and forth, you should develop a purpose, both for your personal brand and the intended recipient. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to send out a press kit to a journalist without a unique message. Instead. you should try to make them become your fan.

Lastly, you want to evoke emotion by using specific elements. Think your logo and your visual identity; how are those elements going to set you apart and speak to your target audience?

The physical press kit

There are numerous advantages to a physical kit, and even though you are living in a digital day and age, you should never fail to produce and send out killer physical press kits. Not only can a press kit, such as this be sold to loyal fans for a considerable amount of money, but it also creates a personal relationship with the recipient and it is more respectable than an EPK.

2For a killer physical kit, you will need to design the cover and your visual identity – rebellious, retro, modern, or futuristic. Let the visuals tell who you are. Additionally, you will need to create a purpose and a written statement that portrays your values.

Next, and most important, you’ll need to send out your music. The music you send out should be on CDs and USB drives, with your photos clearly visible. Additionally, you need to invest in quality images and printed promo materials, so make sure you find professional printing services, preferably the one which has experience in printing press kit materials.

Also, don’t forget to send out videos of you performing and even sharing a strong message. And perhaps even more importantly, be sure to link all relevant websites, contacts, social media, YouTube page, and just about any piece of online material that could propel you up the global music ladder.

Lastly, include a short list of your most important and notable performances and appearances to date. Make sure to include only the most impressive, popular, and energetic performances that will allow the editors, journalists, and radio hosts to navigate through your work easily.

No matter if you are new to the music industry on the quest to become the new Michael Jackson, or if you’re an established veteran, a killer press kit will allow you to break through the fog and the noise, and win over the hearts and minds of fans around the world. Be sure to take advantage of the physical and the electronic press kit, and you will book your first tour in no time!

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