The Five Weirdest Guitar Effects Ever

Mark from Guitar Nerds is back with an intriguing new video for gear lovers: “The Top Five Weirdest Guitar Effects Ever.” You can watch it below.

You’ll be happy to know there’s some truly crazy stuff on this list, including something called “The Bag,” a wonky effect launched by Kustom Electronics in 1969.

It’s also nice to report that there’s almost no overlap (only one effect) between this list and Weird Science: The 10 Strangest Vintage Effects of All Time, a story Guitar World published several years ago.

In other words, there’s just no end to the weirdness in the world of guitar effects!

As someone pointed out in the comments section of the original Guitar Nerds video, “c’mon man! whats the point of make a video about guitar effects if we cant hear them?

Well put! Well, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to include five demo videos from YouTube. Just bear in mind that some of the demo videos are just as weird as the effects themselves. One thing is certain: I’m getting myself a KORG Miku Stomp ASAP. It is truly bizarre. Enjoy!

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Demo Videos:

Kustom Electronics The Bag: 


Maestro Rover:


EMS Synthi Hi Fli:


KORG Miku Stomp:


ZVEX Effects Candela Vibrophase:

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