That Time Guns N’ Roses, Jim Carrey and Clint Eastwood Converged

Clint Eastwood’s final “Dirty Harry” movie—1988’s The Dead Pool—isn’t great.

Historically, critics (not to mention people like me) have considered it the worst of the five Dirty Harry films, a list that includes 1983’s Sudden Impact, 1973’s Magnum Force and the one that started it all, 1970’s Dirty Harry.

All the films are about Harry Callahan, a fictional—and very tall—San Francisco detective who’s notorious for being extremely violent and ruthless in his crime-fighting methods. But he got the job done, people.

Anyway, The Dead Pool still manages to scrape together a few great scenes and interesting moments. For example, as you’ll see in the two scenes below, the film brings Clint Eastwood together with Guns N’ Roses, which is pretty weird. Things get even weirder, of course, when you realize Jim Carrey and Liam Neeson are also in this movie.

Below (top clip), watch a still-unknown Jim Carrey lip sync to Guns N’ Roses’ 1987 hit “Welcome to the Jungle.” In the story line of The Dead Pool, Carrey’s performance is part of a video that’s being helmed by a director played by the also not-quite-famous-yet Liam Neeson.

Spoiler alert: Carrey’s character is killed right after the scene described above. This brings us to a funeral scene that features Eastwood, Neeson and—you guessed it—the classic lineup of Guns N’ Roses. Be sure to watch the entire bottom clip; it shows Slash firing—while aboard a pirate ship—a harpoon into a window just before an eternally disappointed Neeson yells, “Cut!” Enjoy!

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