Teye Guitars Unveils the Fox

Teye Guitars has unveiled the Fox, the sister model to the company’s popular Super Coyote guitar.

The specs are almost identical to the Super Coyote, however, Teye designed the Fox to show off the instrument’s gorgeous maple top and spectacular Shipwreck finish.

Like the Super Coyote, the Fox sports a pair of custom-wound Jason Lollar humbuckers wired into Teye’s proprietary MOJO circuitry (the Analog Spectrum Modeller), improving the guitar’s tonal versatility. The guitar’s feel is natural and organic.

Although the Fox shows much more “skin,” the aluminum parts and plates in the pickguard area make it totally Teye, adding visual beauty, superior hum insulation, and shine and shimmer to the sound.

After the initial success of Teye’s Coyote model—even seen on stage behind Adele—and more acclaim for the redesigned and much improved Super Coyote guitar, the Teye team is now adding this more subdued and classic-looking axe to its lineup. Any dealers or players looking to A/B the Fox with any of their favorite custom shop guitars are welcome to contact the company.

The Fox is available for MSRP $4,295/MAP $3,850.

Teye Guitars Inc builds handmade guitars in Nashville. For more information, visit teye.com.

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