Technicolors’ Brennan Smiley Teams Up with Atlas String Quartet on "Trouble"

Today we bring you the exclusive premiere of a new video by the Technicolors, a young band that’s clearly inspired by garage rock and mid-Nineties Britpop.

It’s a stripped-down version of “Trouble.” This version of the song (and its video), which features frontman Brennan Smiley and the Atlas String Quartet, was arranged by John Ardnt and shot and edited by Kenneth Edwards.

“It was truly a privilege to work with my good friend John Ardnt and the Atlas String Quartet on this version of the song,” Smiley says.

He and I were making music on a boat in the middle of the Mediterranean, and he had composed this beautiful arrangement of ‘Feels Like Trouble,’ so when we had stopped in Funchal, Portugal, just before crossing the Atlantic, we found some local cabbies and asked them to take us somewhere where there wouldn’t be too many tourists.

“So we went way up on a mountain and made this video.”

By the way, the band’s new album, Metaphysical, will be released July 7. You can enjoy a taste of the new album—a song called “Congratulations, You’re a Doll”—below.

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