Take Over and Destroy Premiere “Exit Bag” Video Starring Maxx Mayberry

If you haven’t figured out how much unmitigated ass Arizona is kicking on the heavy music front these days, it’s time to get with it. Gatecreeper have been consistently bending death metal to their will; Spirit Adrift delivered one of the best pure heavy metal albums last year, and thrash vets Sacred Reich made a roaring comeback with Awakening in 2019. Next up on the hit list is Take Over and Destroy. These Phoenix black/sludge/punk killers did a split 7-inch with Gatecreeper in 2015, and two of TOAD’s members—guitarist Alex Bank Rollins and vocalist Chthon (a.k.a. Andy Labarbera)—played in Gatecreeper vocalist Chase Mason’s old band, Slut Sister. As if that weren’t enough, Spirit Adrift mastermind Nate Garrett is an ex-TOAD member.

But where Take Over and Destroy have been isn’t nearly as important as where they’re going. Clocking in at under two minutes, “Exit Bag” is the second track they’ve released from their forthcoming album, Fade Out, and it features a guest vocal appearance from Tim Callaway of Phoenix grind squad Sorrower. “‘Exit Bag’ is an up-tempo little number about unrelenting depression,” Rollins says. “The speed and length of the song is a representation of the intrusive and impulsive thoughts that run through our minds every day.”

We’re pleased to premiere the video for “Exit Bag,” which was directed by Rollins and stars Revive skateboarder Maxx Mayberry. “Maxx awakens just before sunset to seemingly cause mischief and mayhem, but is in actuality on a mission to grieve,” Rollins explains. “We grew up watching skate videos and have always wanted to incorporate that into what we do in some way. It seemed like the right opportunity to create something in that vein to accompany the song.”

Pre-order Fade Out on vinyl right here.

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