Dave Grohl Reacts to Hearing the First Song He Ever Wrote and Recorded

Dave Grohl recently heard the demo of the first track he ever wrote and recorded, and as you can see in the clip below, his reaction to it is priceless….

How to Perform Seven Weird But Useful Guitar Techniques

Samurai guitarist Steve-san Onotera is back with a video in which he demonstrates seven odd guitar techniques, many of which are useful. The techniques includes: Harp Harmonics “This was originally…

A Guitar Pick You Sling and Wear Like a Ring

This can allow players to go from flat picking to fingerstyle in an instant.

Blondie Premiere New Song, “Fun”

Blondie will release their 11th studio album, Pollinator , May 5 via BMG. You can hear the album’s first single—”Fun”—below. The tune, which features a symphony of synths, driving percussion…

Bedell Guitars Introduces the Revolution Series

Bedell Guitars introduces the Revolution Series, featuring hand-tuned guitars crafted in Bend, Oregon, USA, from exotic tonewoods.

R&M Tone Technology Launches PowerWire Active Guitar Cables

R&M Tone Technology announces the PowerWire family of patented active guitar cables.

Weber Fine Acoustic Instruments Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Weber Fine Acoustic Instruments is excited to celebrate 20 years making handmade, heirloom quality mandolins.

Chemistry Design Werks Pushes Material Innovation with Holeyboard NEXT Series

The Next Series is constructed of Stonewood, an innovative material made from layers of paper infused with a bonding resin under high pressure.