Tadeusz Piesiak: Skervesen 4T – td Materia signature model

Michał “Mihu” Piesiak – vocal, bass
Tadeusz “Tede” Piesiak – guitar, vocal
Adrian “Adi” Dubiński – guitar
Jakub “Marcia” Marciniak – drums

Skervesen 4T model signature made for Td of Materia band.

7-string, scale: 27″ baritone
Original Floyd Rose bridge
Swamp ash body with ovangkol tone block and radius sandblasted ash top and matching headstock
5-piece neck: ovangkol/wenge/flamed maple
Ebony fretboard with Jescar stainless frets and custom logo cut by laser of Super Blue Luminlay
Bare Knuckle Pickups: Juggernaut + The Mule in “destroyed” finish. Hipshot locking tuners
Dunlop straplok
World Domination Mod controls (humbucking/coil split/acoustic mod)
Copper shielded cavity, handmade wooden covers.

guitar available at skervesen.eu

Thank you guys for this awesome peace of wood!

mix/master: td
recorded on Line 6 UX1 (Pod Farm) + Addictive Drums
Tuning: F#, E, A, D, F#, B, E

Skervesen 4T – td Materia signature model

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