Steve Hackett Premieres New Song, “In the Skeleton Gallery”


By Damian Fanelli | Photo: Tina Korhornen

Former Genesis, Squackett and GTR guitarist Steve Hackett will release a new album, The Night Siren, March 24 via InsideOut Music (Sony). You can enjoy the world’s first taste of the new disc—”In the Skeleton Gallery”—below.

Fans of Hackett’s killer guitar work can head directly to the 3:11 mark; be sure to stick with it through the end (things get nice and weird around 4:42).

“I’m excited by the imminent release of The Night Siren, which includes ‘In the Skeleton Gallery’,” Hackett said in a press release.

“You know that ancient childhood night terror that creeps up on you in a dark moment when you’re least expecting it… This track moves from a dream-like groove with a Middle Eastern tinged accompaniment through to a sinister march and on to an out-there nightmare ride, before the child’s box of tricks reclaims it and the lid is finally closed.”

The album is available for pre-order here.

If you just can’t get enough Hackett, be sure to watch the bottom video, which he created for Guitarist magazine. In the fascinating clip, Hackett demos his tone and reveals several secrets related to his technique.

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