Spotify Joins Apple, Facebook, Google, 100+ More Major Companies In Fight Against Trump’s Anti-Immigration Plan

image from ih1.redbubble.netSpotify has joined more than 120 companies filing an amicus brief in the US Court of Appeals in San Francisco in the case against President Trump’s anti-immigration executive order. Until now Spotify has been silent on the issue, and many others in the sector remain so. 

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Spotify has joined 120 major corporations including Apple, Facebook, Google, Snap, eBay, Microsoft, Uber and Tesla in fighting President Trump’s anti-immigration executive order in court. Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Patreon have also signed on.

“America has long recognized the importance of protecting ourselves against those who would do us harm,” read an amicus brief filed by the coalition of companies in the US Court of Appeals in San Francisco yesterday. “But it has done so while maintaining our fundamental commitment to welcoming immigrants- through increased background checks and other controls on people seeking to enter our country.”

Read the full brief here.

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