Spotify Adds iOS Integration with Google’s Waze App

WazeSpotify has added integration with the iOS version of popular Google owned navigation and crowdsourced traffic app Waze.  Waze users can begin navigation from inside the Spotify app.  The integration also allows access to Spotify playlists from the Waze app. Users can skip tracks, play, pause and more. Spotify launched integration with Waze’s Android app in March.

From Spotify:  

Start a journey using Waze from within the Spotify app, or listen to Spotify playlists and easily change tracks while following a route from within the Waze app. There’s never been an easier (and safer) way to control your music on the road. 

Note: For safely reasons, browsing Spotify content from within the Waze app is disabled while the car is in motion. 


  • Access easy-to-use playback controls. 
  • Quickly switch between apps. 
  • See recently played Spotify content and recommendations from the Waze app. 


  1. Download the Waze app from the Google Play store.
  2. Pair your mobile device with your vehicle using Bluetooth.
  3. Open the Spotify app when you’re in the car and tap CONNECT TO WAZE. Or open the Waze app and tap the Spotify logo to access your music. 

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