Spotify Acquires Audio Detection Startup Sonalytic To Improve Publishing Data

Spotify New $Spotify has acquired Sonalytic, a UK based startup that specializes in audio identification that enables us to connect creators and rights-holders to monetization opportunities.



Spotify announced today that it has acquired Sonalytic, a UK based startup focused on audio detection technology that identifies songs, mixed content, stems and clips, tracks copyrighted material, and can improve music discovery.

Details of the acquisition were not revealed.

Spotify says it will use Sonalytic audio detection to improve its personalized playlists and to match songs with compositions to improve their publishing data system. Publishing data and subsequent payments have been a source of tension between the music streamer and music publishers and songwriters.

Sonalytic has conducted large-scale trials with several major online platforms, and claims to have “far outperform” existing identification technologies.

Shazam Competitor?

In its announcement, Spotify also said to “stay tuned for new products we’ll bring to market with Sonalytic’s help.”  That could include building Shazam like song detection straight into the Spotify app.


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