Split Premiere: Total Isolation & Sedimentum

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Today we’re psyched to feature the full premiere of a new split 7-inch from two former Demo:listen juggernauts, who also happen to be two of the gnarliest and heaviest hitting bands in the modern death metal scene. 

Total Isolation, featured on Demo:listen back in November of 2019, hail from British Columbia and bring with them the brand-new track “Vomiting Pit of Fog.” We featured their splitmates Sedimentum on Demo:listen earlier in 2019 shortly after the release of their killer four song self-titled demo. Sedimentum appeared on a split 7-inch last year with American atmospheric crushers Phobophilic, but this will be the first new material from Total Isolation since the spinal catastrophe that was their demo, Winfield. 

Onerously heavy and mephitic with solos, divebombs and other breeds of noisy atmospherics, Total Isolation have banged out their heaviest, wildest and most dynamic song yet with their contribution to this split. On the flip side, the bulldozing death-doom we’ve come to know and love from Quebec City-based quartet Sedimentum seems to have festered into something far more viscous and virulent. Hitting like some early Carcass, on “Mollisonia Plenovenatrix,” Sedimentum also present their most repulsive and best-sounding material to date. 

According to Sedimentum guitarist/vocalist A.E.: “This song was originally recorded in the same session as ‘Obliteration’ (from the split with Phobophilic), but we had some line-up changes in 2020 and decided to re-record it since we had some time and were not quite satisfied with the first version. It’s the first and only song that will feature Mathieu on bass and drums. We are now with a new bass player and are almost done writing our first LP that should hopefully see the light of day in 2022.”

Lots to look forward to with both of these bands still priming their full-length albums. In the meantime this 7-inch, out this Friday from Seed of Doom in both vinyl and cassette formats, joins the towering stack of absolutely mandatory death metal split 7-inches.

Preorder the split from Seed of Doom Records. 

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